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Today and a Look Back

Investing in the stock market has changed a lot since the Federal Reserve has become actively involved. Some people have talked about active manipulation of the stock market to avoid recessions and to keep the market on track. Perhaps there is some validity behind...

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Market Update

Well it looks like the Fed has again managed to head off any kind of correction (except in tech) ahead of the FOMC meeting. It’s after the meeting I’m interested in. I want to see if the market can break lose and generate at least one failed daily cycle and something...

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Special Stock Market Report

If you didn't happen to notice, the NASDAQ Composite dropped almost 2% on Friday. Could this be an early warning of a major correction coming our way? I know that I had a price target on the S & P 500 of about 2200-2350 and that was recently overrun, currently we...

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Will the Past Repeat Itself?

If we go back to the last major market top in 2007, the area of distribution starts in March of 2007 and runs through January of 2008. The top took 9 months to form. The markdown phase started in January of 2008 and continued until March of 2009, with a bottom in the S & P 500 at 666.

A View of the Past

Choosing an Advisor

You may have a financial advisor…….but why?

The Need For Active Management

The economies of the world are now linked and you have central banks around the world printing money.

The Fed

Our current economic problems have roots in the past. We have seen government debt rising rapidly, since the early 1980’s that debt has risen from 1 trillion dollars to 17 trillion dollars.

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