Mark Clawson

Mark Clawson

My Beginnings:

I started working in the securities industry in 1976 when I accepted a position to work as an account executive for Dean Witter Reynolds in Seattle, Washington.

When I started in the business it was all about learning sales skills. The firm would provide the ideas and we would have the responsibility of selling them to our clients. Experience in any business is essential and I felt that I lacked that asset. On top of the lack of experience the markets had been flat to down for the last 6 years. Investors were dispirited, questioning whether it was really worth the risk to own stocks. There was almost no interest in being in the stock market.

My hands on approach to investing led me to seek training outside of my company. I took the Richard D. Wycoff Course in Stock Market Science and Technique, a course that was written in the 1930′s and has withstood the test of time. The course taught how to read the markets and discover what and when the professionals were buying and selling.

By analyzing price movements and related volumes I was able to discover when large interests were accumulating or distributing a particular stock. This would allow for the taking of positions before the stock was ready to move. I found that the techniques worked for traders or long term buy and hold investors. Over time I was sought out by my associates and developed a reputation on par with our lead technical analyst in New York City.

Retiring from the industry in 2002 did not keep me from tracking the markets. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of helping people to help themselves with their investment portfolios. So, now I find myself in retirement looking to keep busy and doing something worthwhile rather than roaming the golf courses.

I began to think about all of my training and market experience and what it really boiled down to was learning a few principles. Principles that I believe can be learned without much prior knowledge. I often found investors who were intimidated by their brokers, often unable to ask a simple question. Providing you with the ability to ask the right questions is just a part of my plan for you. You will also learn how to determine price objectives and how to protect your investments. Most brokers have hundreds of clients and they just don’t have the time to provide you with the support that you need.

There are four simple principles:

  • Understanding Greed and Fear in the Markets

  • Choosing a Good Financial Adviser

  • Point and Figure Charts – Creating a Price Objective for Your Investment

  • Trends and Trend Lines

My goal, as I begin this trek, is to provide you with the tools to learn these four principles. If you live in San Miguel de Allende and would like to explore using my services rather than learning on your own you can contact me by clicking on the Contact Us button at the top of the home page.

Mark V Clawson


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