My Experiences With Market Tops

I started working in the investment business in 1976 and the stock market had been in decline for the two previous years. The market continued sideways to down for the next 6 years, culminating in the 1982 bear market bottom. Not the best time to be in the...

The Anatomy of a Bubble Series – Part 2

Bubbles occur at the end of long bull markets. When markets go up long enough the wall of worry starts to dissipate. Traders assume the markets are bulletproof, where every correction is a buying opportunity. Corrections become more shallow as more and...

The Anatomy of a Bubble Series – Part 1

The first mistake that investors make when a bubble is in progress: They assume that this time is different and that it is the fundamentals that are driving the markets. You need to know that bubbles are driven by human emotions and not by economic...

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Updates – Peso and Stock Market

The U.S. dollar bounced off its two-year low on Monday. It's too early to determine if this rally has some staying power. The dollar's move appears to have weakened the Mexican Peso. The peso is currently stuck in a trading range between 17.5 and 18. Right...

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Changing Expectations

Last week I mentioned the possibility of an intermediate cycle low for the stock markets. It appears as though that has been put off.  An intermediate cycle low on average lasts roughly 18-25 weeks. However, during periods of quantitative easing it’s not...

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What Now for the Markets?

The news appears to be having an affect on the stock market. We've weathered some fairly serious political and geo-political events over the last couple of weeks. The markets, however, have been fairly resilient. Just last week we were very close to...

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Critical Time for the Peso

The peso didn't weaken much this week, not that it still can't. It just puts us in a position where there is not much room to further test the 17.60 area since we are basically there now. The next support point is at 17 and followed by 16.35. The real...

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Mexican Peso Update

A couple of things have been going on, with the peso. over the last month. We are seeing that the peso is holding it's most recent support point at around 17.60 pesos to the U.S. dollar. Additionally, it appears as though we have put in a higher low, which...

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Choosing an Advisor

You may have a financial advisor…….but why?

The Need For Active Management

The economies of the world are now linked and you have central banks around the world printing money.

The Fed

Our current economic problems have roots in the past. We have seen government debt rising rapidly, since the early 1980’s that debt has risen from 1 trillion dollars to 17 trillion dollars.

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