Why Investment Bubbles Form

A lot of people are talking about a top or a crash on the horizon. Most bull markets end in a Euphoria phase. This phase is not really impacted by fundamentals or political events. Bubbles are about emotions. Granted the central banks are a contributing...

Dollar Strengthens – Peso Weakens

This chart, courtesy of Bloomberg, shows the market's reaction to the Fed's decision to reverse its quantitative easing policy. The Federal Reserve took the first tentative steps Wednesday to unwind its history-making economic stimulus. As markets...

Updates – Peso and Stock Market

The U.S. dollar bounced off its two-year low on Monday. It's too early to determine if this rally has some staying power. The dollar's move appears to have weakened the Mexican Peso. The peso is currently stuck in a trading range between 17.5 and 18. Right...

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Critical Time for the Peso

The peso didn't weaken much this week, not that it still can't. It just puts us in a position where there is not much room to further test the 17.60 area since we are basically there now. The next support point is at 17 and followed by 16.35. The real...

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Mexican Peso Update

A couple of things have been going on, with the peso. over the last month. We are seeing that the peso is holding it's most recent support point at around 17.60 pesos to the U.S. dollar. Additionally, it appears as though we have put in a higher low, which...

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What Type of an Investor Are You?

So, what type of investor are you? One who is content with an occasional flyer hoping for a profit. Perhaps you are one who will make a single play, feeling so sure of yourself that you fail to take precautions. These type of investors frequently go...

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Charts – Finding the Best Opportunities

Developing a investment strategy of your own to supplement using your adviser is wise. The more you use others for advice the more you are dependent upon them. Is the recommendation from their recommended list? How long has it been on that list? Do they...

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The Mexican Stock Market

If you just pay attention to the headlines, it would appear as though the Mexican stock market should be in trouble. The year started with weakness in the peso, with talks of border walls and the renunciation of trade deals. But since the inauguration, the...

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Mexican Peso Revisited

Part of the reason for the strength in the Mexican Peso can be tied to rate hikes in Mexico. Banco de Mexico recently raised its benchmark rate by a quarter percentage point to 7.00 percent.The central bank has now raised its main interest rate in the last...

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Choosing an Advisor

You may have a financial advisor…….but why?

The Need For Active Management

The economies of the world are now linked and you have central banks around the world printing money.

The Fed

Our current economic problems have roots in the past. We have seen government debt rising rapidly, since the early 1980’s that debt has risen from 1 trillion dollars to 17 trillion dollars.

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