Dow Up 500+ Is the Correction Over?

While I indicated that the bull market is still in place, I had expected a little more pressure on the market. We may see some profit taking after today's big rally. I believe that today's action confirms that we were just seeing a correction, a scary one...

Weekend Report

As with most intermediate declines many people panic and look at worst case scenarios. However, this doesn't appear to be an end of the world event. In a bull market, intermediate cycle lows, are just profit taking events. And in a bull market, we always...

What’s Coming Next for the Stock Market

If we look that the S & P 500 we can see that we have broken the intermediate trend line. I mentioned this possibility in my October 6th post, though the crash scenario played out rather than a more gradual decline. The intermediate cycle should bottom...

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Mexican Peso

The Mexican peso has been moving sideways as the US dollar appears to be basing. Outlook for the Mexican Peso Most currency analysts are predicting that the peso will end the year between 18 and 20 pesos to the dollar. So, let's take a look at some of the...

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Have we seen the worse of the tech slide?

The tech leaders known as FANG; Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet (Google),  have all gotten beaten up recently. You could say that a cleansing has taken place and their valuations have been taken down a notch. In this most recent decline the broader...

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Markets get ready to Bounce!

The markets are set to bounce this morning with the news that China is willing to have talks with the US to resolve trade issues. This coincides with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 reaching their 200-day moving average. The Dow Jones undercut its closing...

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Choosing an Advisor

You may have a financial advisor…….but why?

The Need For Active Management

The economies of the world are now linked and you have central banks around the world printing money.

The Fed

Our current economic problems have roots in the past. We have seen government debt rising rapidly, since the early 1980’s that debt has risen from 1 trillion dollars to 17 trillion dollars.

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